Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gotta Craft'em all!

Okay, I have been on youtube way too much recently. but can I help myself when so many people put up videos on how to make these amazing little crafts? 
Well last time I had a theme and I think by the title you guys can guess the theme of this post.

That's right it's pokemon time! So we are going to do the same as last time and have three very easy video tutorials for pokemon crafts. Let's get started!

                  Our first videos is by KabuKuma for a very easy little bottle charm of MooMoo Milk. Being a complete Johto fan I fell in love with this craft instantly.                                                                   

                             This next one is by Sara Ghafary. It is not the best made video, but for a homemade video the quality is pretty good. And the decor in here is cute and easy to do!


                       And our last video is by GandaKris. These amazing little pokeball charms are very easy and look extremely well made to boot! 


A note for anyone looking to make these pokeballs I found it is easier to make the little circle by poking it in with a straw. It makes a perfect circle every time.

I hope you guys can all enjoy these crafty tutorials, and if you will share pictures, comments, and maybe suggest what other type of crafts you would like to see on here. I am on the lookout for anything and everything!

Until next time folks I hope you have a blessed day!

The artwork at the beginning of this post does not belong to me but to the artist who drew it