Friday, July 10, 2015

A Heart's Promise can be a devastating thing

I did not think that anything could top the first set of book in this series, but Emmie’s story has drawn me deeper into the story Colleen Coble has created.

If you have read A Heart’s Betrayal then by now you know that Emmie is pregnant. And being constantly within the confines of the fort the women are getting more then a little restless. It was amazing how their view on being confined is different from our. Seeing the same shops, houses, and buildings was there idea. Ours is somewhat the same, but we don’t even really notice it that much.

It’s just amazing how much has changed in less then two hundred years. It doesn’t seem like that long ago with all these amazing historical fiction books surrounding us.

And things just keep getting worse for poor Emmie, someone has learn her secret and threatens to use it should Emmie make one wrong move. Isaac is trying to get through her barriers, but Emmie doesn’t believe his honest attempts to love her. If not to make matters worse a promise is extracted from Emmie, one that could change everything if she has to keep it.

But y’all can find out most of this just from reading the back of the cover. I wish I could give more to this review, but there is nothing I can say that will truly compare to just reading the book for yourself. At only 100 pages I cannot say too much without giving the story away completely. And that’s no fun

You can take comfort though in knowing your favorite author (if Colleen Coble is one of your favorites, like she is mine) has done it again and you will not be disappointed in her latest novella. I can’t get the next one soon enough. Hopefully the next three weeks will fly by.

Until next time I hope y’all have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given