Sunday, February 28, 2016

Siren's Song

The ending to an epic fantasy trilogy. Siren’s Song puts a close to what we’ve all been waiting for.

Dreawolf has waged War on all the hidden lands, and he wants one thing; ultimate power. In a game of chess that could cost everyone their lives. Nym has to lead the Faelen people, but doubts creep in and she wonders if she is leading her people to freedom or to their deaths.

The Storm Siren Trilogy has been interesting, and it covers a lot of topics in just three books. What I found a little odd though was for a christian fiction series I had to really dig to find the reference to the Bible. And the made up cussing, such as “Go to Hulls” may have blocked a little more of it for me. I don’t know what the reasons were the author put that kind of stuff in there, she probably had a good reason, but I personally could have done without it.

Nym’s journey throughout this book reminds me a little bit of Moses, and throughout the whole series I see more of the Old Testament then the New Testament, which was interesting, but again like the other two books before this I really had to dig to find any reference to the Bible.

The theme of this book is Mercy and healing, in many scenes we will see how Mercy, or lack of it, can change the fate of an entire nation. After reading the ending I was left feeling there should be a continuation to this series, maybe there will be, maybe there won’t. I’m not sure.

All in all this book series was good, but I do feel some stuff was lacking, and the focus of the books was a little off. It left me feeling like I had just read a normal YA book I would find in Barnes&Noble, not a teen christian fiction book. That is just my opinion. If you have read these books and feel differently then please leave a comment and tell me how you felt about the books.

Well folks that’s it for today. I hope y’all have a blessed day.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Room for Hope

Kim Vogel Sawyer does not do the tales that are old as time. She finds new topics, ones that are usually hard to swallow, and puts them into a story that can show the love and mercy of Christ.

When I saw that one of my favorite authors was coming out with a new book I was excited. I was even more interested when I read what the book would be about!

Set in the time of the Great Depression, Neva Shilling, along with her two children, look forward to the return of her husband. But on the night of his return instead of his normal wagon she is met with a stranger from another town, claiming that her brother has died and left her all his earthly things and his three children. The only problem? Neva has no siblings. The truth is the man who died was her husband, and the three children before her are the offspring of another woman whom he had married. Shocked by her husband’s betrayal Neva is unsure what to do. Can any light be found through the darkness?

I really could not put this book down from the moment I got it in the mail. Kim Sawyer made a host of characters, and switching from three points of view, this book gives you plenty to think about. And I think what hit me most was the slow change in one of the characters that I thought was a scum bag to begin with. It reminds me of the song “Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns. One little choice here or there can slowly turn your world from black and white to gray. It’s a slow fade to change, but it happens for better or for worst.

I really cannot say enough good things about this book, and I would say more, but I would end up giving away too many spoilers. But trust me when I say you won’t regret picking up this book.

That’s all for now everyone. I hope y’all have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review which I have given.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Light of the Last

The first two books to this series were like the beginning to a classic song. It starts out a little slow, then it starts to build a little tempo around the middle, by the crescendo you have your breath taken away from you! Light of the Last builds up on where the other two left off, giving us a great action packed novel with twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

After an accident left him temporarily blind, Drew Carter didn’t just regain his sight. He now sees what others can’t imagine–an entire spiritual realm of mighty beings at war.
Forget the gift, Drew just wants his life back. Part of that involves Sydney Carlyle, a woman he is inexplicably drawn to. When he’s offered the chance to become a CIA agent, it seems the way to redeem his past. The only problem–his visions of the supernatural realm are increasing in frequency. Surrounded by spiritual warriors and targeted by demons, Drew’s faced with an impossible decision that will forever alter the destiny of America...and his own soul.

Okay, after Rise of the Fallen (that’s book two of this series) I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. A lot goes on in 335 pages, a few time jumps, some flash backs, all of it building up the character Drew Carter is and needs to be. I seriously impressed with Chuck Black on this one.

I also enjoyed looking to the back of the book after each chapter and reading the chapter guide. Each one gives a sort of theme to that chapter, and the Biblical message in it. If you plan to read this book for a book club or with some friends I suggest doing what I did and after each chapter you finish going to the back of the book to read the chapter guide for it. Doing this helped me look forward to reading the next chapter. Each book should have a chapter guide, so give it a look!

I will be giving way only one spoiler here people, and this is it: There are more books to come. If you thought this would be the last we see of Drew Carter and the gang then you are happily mistaken! We will be seeing our hero and perhaps some new characters in the next book.
The plot thickens!

The first two books of this series were a little much to get through, but you’ll be eating up book three. So I encourage you to go to your local bookstore or Library and pick up this series.

Until next time folks I hope you have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given

Always Watching

Suspense doesn’t begin to cover this book. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book, wondering, waiting, always watching for the next turn of events.

I am new to Lynette Eason’s novels, but I can say I am a fan now. I usually read books with more romance or that are in a historical setting, it took some getting use to a modern fiction book with so much action and so few answers. Lynette doesn’t make her bad guys identity easy to guess, at least not in this book. The Elite Guardians are a group of well trained bodyguards, each one of its founding members were once a some type of law enforcement before creating the business, and they aren’t afraid to go out into the field. Oliva is one of the three founding members and our main character.

Ice doesn’t begin to describe her cool personality, and the control she has over her emotions is something only pain from the past can accomplish. Then there is Wade, her new client. He’s a radio talkshow host, a psychiatrist, and works for a charity. Hard not to like this guy, right? Well someone has set her eye on him, and not in the most attractive way. His stalker has become ruthless, taking out anyone who might be a threat. So what happens when Oliva steps onto the scene as his new bodyguard?

This well written novel is just the first in the new Elite Guardians series, and I honestly cannot wait for august to get here so I can read book two. This will become a new favorite series to new and old fans alike. The characters are complex, and well developed, and it’s not focused so much on just the two main characters. It brings a whole host of characters to life, and each are special in their own way.

There is also the theme of surrender in this book, surrendering control, the guilt, and fear. I found it interesting how the author showed how to deal with fear in a Christ like way, something have been trying to deal with myself

I cannot say more about this book without REALLY spoiling it, and that isn’t fair to you readers, but please get this book! it is amazing.

Until next time folks I hope you have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mermaid Moon

Again I missed book one of Colleen Coble’s amazing series, but I do not regret getting my hands on book two!

Okay, for all you people out there wondering you do want to read book one of this series, because the characters are in here and they play a role in the story. And another fun fact, these take place in the same islands, or at least the islands around the Summer Harbor series by Denise Hunter! that is just so cool to me.

Anyways, back to the program. As we have come to expect with Colleen Coble, this is a mystery/romance novel, but this one is different from her previous works. I’m not sure how to explain it, maybe it’s the writing style, the feel of the characters, the storyline, or maybe all three. Mermaid moon is for sure her best book to date!

I want to explain a little of the story, like I usually do, but anything I could say would spoil the plot, and I just cannot do that to you readers, not this time anyways. You can look at the description below, but that’s all I can give y’all this time.

Mallory’s mother died fifteen years ago. But her father’s last words on the phone were unmistakable: “Find . . . mother.” Shame and confusion have kept Mallory Davis from her home for the last fifteen years, but when her dad mysteriously dies on his mail boat route, she doesn’t have any choice but to go back to Mermaid Point. Mallory believes her father was murdered and childhood sweetheart Kevin O’Connor, game warden in Downeast Maine, confirms her suspicions. But Kevin is wary of helping Mallory in her search. She broke his heart—and left—without a word, years ago. When Mallory begins receiving threats on her own life—and her beloved teenage daughter, Haylie—their search intensifies. There’s a tangled web within the supposed murder, and it involves much more than what meets the eye. As answers begin to fall into place, Mallory realizes her search is about more than finding her father’s killer—it is also about finding herself again . . . and possibly about healing what was broken so long ago with Kevin. She just has to stay alive long enough to put all the pieces together.

The theme of this book is forgiveness, forgiving family and forgiving yourself when God already has. It touched my heart deeply. Before I was saved I battled with a guilt I couldn’t comprehend, and I felt God would never show me forgiveness if I couldn’t even find it in myself. I was wrong. If you are battling with a deep guilt I suggest picking up this book, it might help you.

That’s all for today folks I hope you have a blessed day

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Listening Beyond the Silence

Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse have come together to blend a story of family, mystery, and God’s ever present love.  Be ready to hear Beyond the Silence in this wonderful novel.

Tracie Peterson has become one of my favorite authors, her books are always good, but I had never heard of Kimberly Woodhouse before now. For all you Tracie Peterson (or Kimberly Woodhouse) fans out there please do not worry that your favorite author’s style will be ruined. I ate up this book in two nights, and together these two women have created a book I feel neither could have done alone.
The story’s female lead character, Lillian Porter, starts out her journey on unsteady standing with her grandfather. Making her journey to Angels Camp California all the harder, but she feels God calling her to follow the dreams of her mother.
I love how they blended facts with fiction, both authors researched these areas and even some of the shops and people in the books! I never would have guessed some of them were real people, it made the book all the more enjoyable. Too many authors are afraid to touch details like that because of historical accuracy, yet TV shows can do it all the time! I just don’t get that.

This book also focuses on another painful, and all too common subject even in the church, Gossip. How often have we judged a person solely on what someone else has said, or facts that have been bended into a bad lighting? This made a lot of trouble for our main characters. This is something we need to keep in mind though. At the end of the day, when our tongues have unleashed any hurtful gossip, what impression do we leave on other people?

The story also didn’t rush into the romance, which I found refreshing. Instead of the normal “I have this strong feeling towards him/her” it starts out as friendship. I won’t tell if they get together or not, you’ll have to read the book to find that out.

Many other topics are also covered in this 350 page book, I was surprised how much they could fit in and not drag out the storyline. It all flowed perfectly and I will probably read it again sometime in the future.

I highly encourage getting yourself a copy from your local library or bookstore, you won’t regret it.
Until next time folks I hope you have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.