Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Listening Beyond the Silence

Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse have come together to blend a story of family, mystery, and God’s ever present love.  Be ready to hear Beyond the Silence in this wonderful novel.

Tracie Peterson has become one of my favorite authors, her books are always good, but I had never heard of Kimberly Woodhouse before now. For all you Tracie Peterson (or Kimberly Woodhouse) fans out there please do not worry that your favorite author’s style will be ruined. I ate up this book in two nights, and together these two women have created a book I feel neither could have done alone.
The story’s female lead character, Lillian Porter, starts out her journey on unsteady standing with her grandfather. Making her journey to Angels Camp California all the harder, but she feels God calling her to follow the dreams of her mother.
I love how they blended facts with fiction, both authors researched these areas and even some of the shops and people in the books! I never would have guessed some of them were real people, it made the book all the more enjoyable. Too many authors are afraid to touch details like that because of historical accuracy, yet TV shows can do it all the time! I just don’t get that.

This book also focuses on another painful, and all too common subject even in the church, Gossip. How often have we judged a person solely on what someone else has said, or facts that have been bended into a bad lighting? This made a lot of trouble for our main characters. This is something we need to keep in mind though. At the end of the day, when our tongues have unleashed any hurtful gossip, what impression do we leave on other people?

The story also didn’t rush into the romance, which I found refreshing. Instead of the normal “I have this strong feeling towards him/her” it starts out as friendship. I won’t tell if they get together or not, you’ll have to read the book to find that out.

Many other topics are also covered in this 350 page book, I was surprised how much they could fit in and not drag out the storyline. It all flowed perfectly and I will probably read it again sometime in the future.

I highly encourage getting yourself a copy from your local library or bookstore, you won’t regret it.
Until next time folks I hope you have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.