Saturday, March 26, 2016

Women's guide to knowing what you Believe

God really put me to the test with this book. Apologetics isn’t something you hear about everyday, and it can be easily misrepresented if taken too far.
What is apologetics you ask? I am not exactly sure how to describe it myself other then it’s how to love God with your heart and your mind, like it says on the cover.

After reading just a few chapters of this book it made me think of a few people I know, and not in the best way. With apologetics it is suppose to help you explain your faith to others and give you facts to back them up, but with these people they put more stock in the facts then in God’s word. It turned me off a bit off as I was beginning to read this book, but I knew that was the wrong way ff thinking and read on. I like that the author made sure to point out that apologetics should be balanced with the Bible.
I think that is where the other folks went wrong; they were unbalanced. I won’t try to say reading this book was easy, at the time it was a hard pill to swallow for me. But on some points I needed it. I’m not sure if I will be getting more apologetics books in the future, but this wasn’t a bad start off.

That’s all I have for today folks, sorry it was so short. I hope you have a blessed Easter!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Calling

I honestly cannot say enough about this book series, and Rachelle Dekker as an author. If you haven't started this heart changing book series by now then you are seriously missing out!

So much has happened since "The Choosing" and there is a time jump of over a year. I found it funny that is almost how long we've been waiting for the release of this book. 

Now back to the main subject here.

Remko has so much weighing on his shoulders, with the leadership of the seers and his marriage to Carrington. Their type of lifestyle is not an easy one with the enemy breathing down their necks. Fear, surrender, and true faith are only a few of the main points made inside this book. Honestly there was so much packed into this 400 page novel I had to take notes for each chapter. This would be a perfect book to use for a bible study or book club. 

So many questions arose as I read the book. About myself, my life, my faith, all of it. It made me take a good look at my fears and ask myself why I was afraid to begin with? 
The trails that Remko and Carrington faced were some of the hardest any person may have to face in this life, and I found myself crying right along side them.

That is another thing about this book that took me by surprise; how the writing style had a way of drawing me in without even realizing it. Just one chapter had me feeling like I was traveling with Remeko through the borders of the Authority, sitting with Carrington in the Seer camp, or trailing beside the bone chilling president Damien Gold. I could barely tell when I had made it to the next chapter. It all flowed together like a forest stream, leading out into a ocean of possibilities. 

When I reached the end I was sobbing, but a little ray of hope came out in the ad saying that the final book in the Seer trilogy will be coming out this fall!!! 

Well folks, that's all I've got for now. Hope to see you next time!
Remember, I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given

As an extra bonus here is a Q&A with Rachelle Dekker.

Q. This book is written from Remko’s perspective. Did you face any challenges writing from a male point-of-view? 

A. There was definitely a looming pressure as I started to write the book. As a woman writer, I wanted to make sure Remko felt masculine and authentic, so I was constantly aware of how he sounded, and how he reacted. Once I got into a flow with his character though, it started to feel more familiar I didn’t have to think about it as much. 

Q. Do you think men and women express and handle fear differently? If so, how? 

A. I believe people handle fear differently, and that gender doesn’t always play a role. I believe more often than not we are all the same, and that we should be encouraged that we never really face anything alone. 

 Q. Carrington struggles with the pain that comes from watching Remko miss the Truth that was so clear to her. What encouragement would you give to others that have loved ones who do not yet share their faith?

 A. Everyone needs to take the journey. For some, truth comes more easily, and others have to struggle to see it. It can be incredibly hard to watch someone you love miss the truth right in front of them, but don’t forget that the Father is still God, and He holds them in His hand. So love those that struggle restlessly and trust that the Father is ever-present, even in the darkness. 7. The theme of identity from The Choosing continues in The Calling. Carrington reminds herself, “When you know who you truly are, you realize there is no war left to fight at all.” How does this statement apply to our Christian faith? 

Q. Do you relate to any of the characters in The Calling in terms of how you’ve faced and handled fear in your life? How so? 

A. For me this is simply a reminder that God is still God. Regardless of my circumstance or how I view the world, the Father is constant and hasn’t changed. He has already won the fight, already conquered death, already set me free. It’s only when I forget who He calls me and who He is that I feel the need to fight against life instead of surrendering to Him and letting Him be God.

Q. What do you hope readers will take away from the story? 

A. I hope they take a moment to see themselves as children of the Father. I hope they see that true freedom and fearlessness rest in surrendering, and that when they stand with the Father than nothing can stand against them. There is incredible peace in that truth, and I hope, like I am beginning the experience, that readers feel that same peace. 

 Q. What can readers expect in the final book of the series? 

A. Characters they know and some new ones I hope they’ll love! More questions of identity, and fear, but the characters will also be looking at forgiveness and letting go. I’m really happy with the way the final book played out, and I’m hoping readers will be as well.