Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hope Harbor

Hope Harbor becomes a place of healing for three weary souls in this tale of regret, romance, and God’s grace.

I really need to stop getting more books, but the description of Hope Harbor drew me in. Though honestly the description even on the back of the cover does little justice for it.

The story begins with a widower named Michael Hunter trying to find some solace in the place his wife had loved so much, Hope Harbor. When he arrives he the only hotel in town is closed. Frustrated, lonely, and depressed Michael wonders through town trying to think of a plan. Along the way he run into our two other main characters Tracy, a twenty some odd year old woman running a cranberry farm, and Anna, an old woman with a heart hardened by her past.

I did not except to be so captured by the book within just the first two pages. Irene Hannon has an exceptional writing style that flows and keeps a well pace, keeping you interested in each chapter as you pass by. I did feel quite a few were a little long, not a book you can read a chapter or two before you go to bed.

The story takes many unexpected turns not just for me but for the characters too. Showing God’s hand in many of their situations. Such as Tracy trying to help her uncle Ben to keep the cranberry farm afloat, only to have him catch a cold later on.
Or Anna and Michael, neither expected the bitter older woman to offer him a place to stay. Yet still she did.

After chapter 5 it does slow down a little, which made it hard for me to read, but it does pick up latter on. It has some of these slow spots throughout the book, but that is really a minor thing and the book is still extremely enjoyable.

With secrets kept within the crypts of the hearts of our three main characters you will find yourself not wanting to put the book down for most of the day. I will admit I wanted to skip forward several chapters just so I could find out why Tracy kept her heart locked up so tightly. Irene will bait you with little tid bits here and there, more then enough to keep you reading.

 I enjoyed this book and if it sounds like your cup of tea I hope you guys and girls will pick one up too.

Until next time folks I hope you have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given