Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Family of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury

Okay, this was my first book by Karen Kingsbury I've ever read before, and I admit I was a bit weary of it. When some author is super popular it tends to turn me off a little, this little fact about myself was true with Karen's books, but I decided after reading about this book I would give it a try.

I was blown away.
The book takes place from when the angel Gabriel visited Zechariah in the temple to give him the news of John, to before the birth of Christ, and ending just after Jesus returns from the dead. The six short stories are of Joseph, Zechariah, John, Elizabeth, James, and Mary. All of which will turn your soul to the love of Jesus Christ and will make you weep with joy and understanding.

The story line was beyond amazing, and as Karen had hoped it drew me as a reader and fellow christian closer to the people of the bible, it made a connection I had never felt before with them, except for maybe Mary. The others, like John the baptist, I had a hard time understand what their roles were, and why such sorrow was brought upon them. Karen did an amazing job filling in the blanks with fiction she studied long and hard for to put into place, making sure it would all fit even if it may not have really happened, Karen did her best. For hours I cried and prayed, for my family, for myself, and even for these people who have long been in heaven! They now have peace and they are together, and i felt my heart rejoice for them at having the happiness we will all have with our Savior one day.

The study guide in the back of the book is great for groups or just for yourself, it is great for any type of bible study you might be apart of. I could not recommend a better book for anyone to read, and i know I will be getting this for my friends and family this Christmas season!