Friday, July 4, 2014

Getting the Devil off your shoulder; Take two!

Okay, the devil is getting on my last nerve this week! just when I thought things were going to calm down and even get a little better he rears his very ugly head and tries to take away the happiness my family and I have found, again using people that are near and dear to my heart

He managed to get me down, but I knew he had to be laughing somewhere cause he knew that he had taken my joy. Well I am sick of him and his very annoying smirk (sorry i'm ranting a bit but dang it doesn't he get on your last nerves too?) Well I preyed that God would fix this once again, and I brought out the Bible (AKA the bug spray for the devil if you have read my post Getting the little devil off your shoulder) and I found peace with Him. God would not give me more then I can handle and I know there is nothing He can't handle. So I have given it over to Him, and I will continue to live my life in the love and joy he pours into me daily. So if the darn devil is trying to climb back onto your shoulder just remember to ask for God's help and grab the old Bible, that will knock him a few inches down and send him running!