Monday, April 21, 2014

Getting the little Devil off your shoulder

How many times do we have to swat away the little devil on our shoulder before he finally leaves us alone? How much pain do we have to go through before we finally get to the happy place? These are questions I ask myself every day, last night the devil used people very close to my heart to attack me, and at the time I didn't know what to do, I was so shocked it happened.  I wasn't sure what to pray for, strength, understanding, an unbroken heart? I didn't know so i asked for all of the above Learning to live in Christ has pealed away layers of my defensive walls I had up to protect my heart from from verbal attacks, but now that they have been stripped away I find my heart much more open to these attacks, and the devil is trying to use that as much as he can. But removing those layers has helped me turn to God even more, and the devil is kinda confused about that

He's use to my walls, and now he trying to get at me, but with the lord I am safe, reading His word I am reminded how close he is to me and all of the promises he has made to me! I read the book of Esther, and felt comforted that God did not let the plots of the wicked play out, instead everything they had built to take down the jews had been used for their own destruction. I like something Ashlyn and  said earlier when that little devil was trying to mess with me

"trying to get this darn devil off my shoulder, guess he's yelling cause I'm ignoring him" Me

"Mean Devil!!! *smacks him with flyswatter*" Ashlyn

"Thanks! I was just about to get the bug spray (The bible) out to make him shut up!" Me

The devil didn't like that part, but it helped make my day brighter, so thank you Lord for giving us Your Word to battle the devil, and thank you Ashlyn for swatting that nasty devil off my shoulder so i could get out the bug spray!