Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Becoming a crazy crafter!

Yep, it's very easy to become a crazy crafter, it only took me a few days, and now crocheting has become a serious hobby of mine! I love making little critters! My first one was perry the platypus from Pheines and Ferb,

From then on i was hooked! I am also going to try making my own patterns here and there, right now I'm working on a manticore for my best friend Ashlyn. And I have a file of my deviantart page with pictures of creatures I want to crochet, so I have lots of happy working ahead of me! I also would like to work with clay to make some cute figurines and such. I want to make some of the unversed from Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep, if you don't know what Kingdom hearts is then you are missing out on the best video game series ever, and if you do know kingdom hearts and down know the unversed then here's one of them i want to make from clay

I find this rather annoying unversed very cute and think it would be fun to make it from clay. Now I didn't come here just to tell you about myself, but about other great Crazy crafters I have found online! One of my favorites is Amigurumi to Go. These crochet patterns are so cute, and I cannot help making these cute little buddies. Her latest one is a little Easter bunny and a little mouse, 

I want to make the mouse for my friend so badly. There are many other cute patterns on this website so go check it out! I have many other's, but they are kinda scattered all over my computer, so it might take me a little longer, sorry! but I will post of more awesome patters I find!