Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BFFB (Blogging for future books)

I have so many books my family wonder's how I am going to read them all! And thanks to the two blogging programs I am in I have more books coming in once or twice a month, so I have a lot to read, yet I still manage to run out of books. That's the only problem with being able to read so fast, you read all your books! But I hope to join two more programs!

That's right everyone Netgalley and BookLook!  I have already signed up for Netgalley, I have had a few publishers accept my requests, some have been turned down, but I hope to be reading and review these E-books soon. I am waiting for replies to my other requests, hopefully I'll get something! The one I look forward to most at the moment is The Beast Within Serena Valentino.

I haven't heard from Disney publishing group about it yet but I hope they say yes, I want to read about the beast from Beauty and the Beast. As for BookLook at the moment I am only eight short followers away from reaching the required amount of followers needed to join this program, so I could really use your help here. If you know of anyone who might be interested in my blog please urge them to come and check it out! follow me on twitter or Google+ I only need eight more people for more book reviews! So can you help a girl out?