Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beaches and Brides romance Collection Review

As you all know from former posts I am now a member of Netgalley, and with them I am able to give you this review! Let us begin.

The beaches and Brides collection was a fun read for me. I am a huge fan of these collections and i can't get enough of these amazing short stories. My favorite story in this books would have to be The Captain's Wife by Mary Davis. It begins not at all how i expected it from the sounds of the title, and as i read along I became more impressed with this story of Christ's forgiveness, and also as human beings how stubborn we are. I liked how the friend of our female lead used the verse John 8:1-11 to knock a bit of sense into our male, writing it upon a stone and putting it in front of him. Oh how many times I would have loved to do that in my life! But I also felt the inner struggle he felt after she left him with those verses, that upon reading them his life would forever change, and he didn't want to let go of the hatred he felt. I too have been in that position and I am slowly learning to humble myself. We as sinners have no right to judge others for the sins they have committed, only God has that right.

Now another one of the interesting stories would have to be The Castaway's Bride by Susan Page Davis. Being shipwrecked on a deserted island for five years can change anyone for the worse, but our main character Edward Hunter managed to stay on the path of God in those fives years, and helped those with them to see The lord as well. But upon finally returning home things were not all what he expected them to be. But even though life threw every curve it had at Edward he still kept to The Lord, and he was rewarded well indeed. This story was a true inspiration to the hardships we wall face, and that with the word of our Lord we can get through the strongest tempests.

All the other stories in here were great as well, though I had already read the Lightkeeper's daughter by Paige Winship from another book i had bought earlier this year. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a bit of fun and laughter, but most of all Love. I hope you all enjoy this book.