Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saving my Assasin

This is the true story of one woman’s journey to find the truth. Be warned you will need a box of tissues and a lot of “Amens” will be leaving your lips throughout this book, so be prepared!

Virgina Prodan had by no means an easy childhood. Her mother seemed to hate her, and her father wasn’t really around much, and in her childhood in Romania it was very common for children to work long hours. Not in factories or stores, but out in the common square trying to get the attention of tourists and offer them a room for the night.
With a family void of real love and in a country where lies and secrecy was the only means of survival for many people, but Vigina wanted more, she wanted the truth.

Reading about Virgina Prodan’s life in romania, how she became an attorney, how she was saved was amazing, but her life after she accepted Jesus as her savior was more than amazing; it was inspiring.

I’m usually not one to underline things in my books, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing it in this book. Vigina has me looking not only at my relationship with Christ, but my prayer life, and how we as christians don’t put enough importance on loving our enemies.

During the time I was reading this I was having some, okay a lot of trouble, with loving my enemies and just even praying blessing for them. It hurt to do for so long because they had hurt me so deeply. Reading Virgina’s testimony of loving her enemies, even as they were harming her and threating her family boldly, she still chose to show love openly to them and to pray for each and every one of them. And trust me Virgina made a lot of enemies in Romania because of her faith.

I can’t really put into full words the impact this book will make on you if you decide to read this book, I know God has seriously touched my life through the words of Vigina Prodan and I hope it will help so many others out there too.

Until next time folks I hope you have a blessed day.