Thursday, June 18, 2015

The danger has passed, but it's not over yet!

Colleen Coble again takes any reader who dares to open the pages of her books on a heart stopping adventure of romance, danger, and God’s ever present love.

I was ready to kick myself when I realized I had not ordered this book from the BookLook bloggers review program, and by the time I did I had to wait because another book was coming out and would for sure be gone the next day. I was so relieved to find BookLook still had copies of A Heart’s Danger.

Ben Crofter, along with a bit of help from Rand’s fiancé, put Sarah’s heart in more danger then ever before. And what about Isaac? Will Sarah accept his love or continue to hold for Rand? No one could stop the pounding of my heart as well-laid schemes began to place, putting the lives of Sarah and Rand within the precarious balance of life and death.

Colleen has always put humor, love, and God’s grace into a historic and modern setting, but never before have six penned words ever been more meaningful and profound.
                                 You can’t frighten me with heaven” – Rand Campbell

These words reminded me of a book my sister read many years ago, called “She said Yes” about a young woman who with a gun pointed at her head said she believed in God. FlyLeaf has also done a song about her, called Cassie. Before I read A Heart’s Danger I have never found anything that stirred the same sort of bravery in my heart that Cassie stirred in the heart’s of so many.

In a world so afraid of death I found this a great encouragement to those who fret over the afterlife, including myself.

I con not express how much I loved this book, and look forward to book four, A Heart’s Betrayal. I hope this review will encourage others to pick up a Colleen Coble book!

Until Next time I hope you have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given