Monday, June 8, 2015

Rise of the Fallen

The war of the spiritual realm is very real, an in Chuck Black’s Wars of the Realms series we can speculate and imagine what happens around us in the world of the unseen.

I have been captivated by this author’s imagination for the army of angels the Lord has at His command. I found it hard to put this book down.  Validus is the main character of this book, the last angel to be created. Starting out in the innocence and protection of God he wonders what his purpose is as the last in line. 

As the youngest in the family it was easy to relate to Valdius. Curious about what I did not know, and wondering why everyone seemed to know more then me. It’s not easy, and you feel like you’re on the outside looking in. And just like Validus three people became lifelong friends and the family to me.

Watching the creation of the earth and man through Validus’ eyes was beyond amazing, giving me a new way of looking at out origins. Using scripture to describe many events. And Chuck Black used plenty of scripture, putting it in bold print so you could know what was used from the bible and what was fiction. It was fascinating and encouraged me to look up the pieces put into each chapter.

Betrayal is never easy to take, especially when it’s someone close to your heart. I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to have one of your best friends practically rip your heart out; it still pains me to this day. So when Validus faces of with betrayer on more then one occasion I keep thinking back to that person, thanking God that unlike fallen angels humans always have a chance for redemption and that as long as we live on earth it’s never too late to turn back to God.

I think my favorite scene in the book would have to be chapter 17 to 18 where we see the creation of the tower of Babel. Chuck Black took some liberty with this one, since there was little detail about it and created a conflict and how the many languages were created. We may never know for sure if anything like what happened in theses two chapters actually occurred, but it’s still an interesting thought.

Albeit a bit slow, like the first book, Rise of the Fallen is a great book and I look forward to the next book in this series!

Until next time folks, I hope you have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publisher an exchange for an honest review, which I have given