Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fun Figgy Friday: Historical week

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of Fun Figgy Fridays! This week will be one of my favorite genres Historical. Let's see what stories are written down from our ancestors!

First up is The Musician's Maid by Brittany Law


In this historical romance a Musician turns the tables on an opera house full of traditions, such as not hiring a scullery maid as the lead singer in his latest master pieces. Emily posses the voice of an angel, but since she came to the opera strange things have been happening, and everything seems against her playing out this play. Will the Musician and the maid survive?

Next up is Chase or be Chased by Camzie


The story has just began, there isn't much to it yet, but the one chapter was enough to capture my attention. A princess running for her life from unknown enemies, a knight adding in her escape. Please read and encourage the author to write more!

Last of all is Resolved by Noelle Alabasteter, and author from our last figgy friday


You'll taking on water the roaring English seas in Resolved, headed for the dreaded pirate lair of Tortuga, why might you ask? Hawke Cutter must save his brother from the accusation of treason, he believes only one man can help him, but what happens when he arrives at Tortuga? read to find out!

I'd like to thank all the authors of these amazing stories, and urge them to continue their writing, for without these stories I wouldn't have a reason to be speaking to you all today! God bless you and have a wonderful day!