Friday, October 11, 2013

Fun Figgy Fridays!

Welcome to the marvelous and spectacular "Fun Figgy Fridays!" every other Friday I'm going to showcase some great new stories from writers on the awesome website The first week of Figgy Fridays will be all about fairytales, fall just made it's way here and it's the perfect time for a spot of romance, and a little humor. We all need a taste of it before the cold sets in!

 First off is: Untouchable by Rachel Danielle

In this story a young woman named Rosalie Dustin is untouchable, her body so fragile that a little bump on the chin causes the largest bruise. But Prince Stephen cares for none of this, all he sees is the wonderful girl who loves to pick flowers, write letters, and help those she can. Their love for each other grows quickly in this short story, but all flows nice and neatly. This story not only shows the love two people can have for each other, and how the devil can try to drive them apart in many ways, but also how God's love is limitless and how he always has a plan, even for what we believe to be the unexpected.

Next up: The stepsister by Frank Weasley


In this comical retelling of the well known classic Cinderella just before the wicked Anastasia is about to head off for the ball with her mother and sister she searches the attic for a set of jewelry she sees in her Great-grandmother's portrait, instead of that she finds a book, The story of Cinderella, and she doesn't like the outcome. Finding a green feathered quill Anastasia is able to change the outcome. Read to find out if this fairy tale has a happily ever after... for the right person.

Last story for this week is: The Beautiful Beast by Addison Brookes


In this wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast the classic tale has been spun around a little, instead of the beast being a selfish and handsome prince it's a lonely girl, believing the lie told to her that she is ugly, so she gets a potion form a sorceress to make her beautiful, but this potion only works on the outside, and the long-term side effects of the potion are horrible. A young man name Cyrus stumbles upon her castle in the middle of the woods, and stays with her for three night, but then he returns to his family and his fiance. Years pass, poor Cyrus does everything to support his ill mother and younger sister. Teased for his tale of the Beautiful Beast, his hard work unnoticed, finally Cyrus has had enough and rides into the woods to escape his troubles, and that is where he finds the Beautiful beast's castle once again. Things are different there now, and this time the beautiful beast has an offer for him, one that could free him from the worry of his family's care. Will he take the deal or not? Read to find out.

That's it this week for Fun Figgy Fridays, come next time to see more fabulous stories.