Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Figgy Friday! Thriller week

With Halloween coming up I thought some stories to get us hooked and our hearts racing was the best thing. So let us begin!

First up is Run by Cassandra wood


In this story we meet Gia Santi, a young girl who's been in juvi, now in the Itali she meets two very strange men, both angels of heaven! Not only that but Gia herself is a Power Angel, one of the very few left. Now she must defeat the one who has killed all the other Power Angels; Venustas The first born son of Satan himself. Why he is taking them out no one knows, their fate rests on Gia's shoulders

Next is Golden Machines by K. A. Lesinski


In this steampunk fiction it is the Golden age, or so they say. Automatons make up the army of The golden League, only generals are human in their ranks. Emeline Arkwright is a rouge, a rebellion of the Golden League and their Golden Age. Having been stripped of her family she learns that the automatons are not as helpful as they are lead to be, quite the opposite. Having received a letter from her father Emeline leaves her childhood home to journey to New York, where she will join the Alliance to put the Golden Age to an end.

Last is The queen of Dragons by Martina Dominique


Aryn Teffani is not human. She is not phaerie. What exactly she is, she has never known, but she has managed to live a normal life in the sleepy town of Jurad in Argor under the care of her also non-human guardian, Lovestone. All that changes one night when she buys an amulet that glows at her touch from the local black market. In this amazing world of dragons and phaeries This young thief will have her world turned upside down, accused of stealing the precious and powerful Keystone she is forced to flee her home. To learn more of this amazing girl and her journeys through a dangerous world go to

That's all I've got for you this week, come again and let's see what page we'll land on next.