Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Christian Fantasy that will take the world by Storm

If you are looking for an epic fantasy and christian series that can grip you and your children then look no further then Mary Weber's Storm Siren series

The story takes place in the kingdom of Faelen. In this medieval setting we find our main character, Nym, in a slave market being given up for sale by her latest cruel owner. And whomever buys here this time will become Nym's fourteenth owner. Fourteenth!!! and each slave is given a mark by their new owner, a small circle on the ir arm which is burned into their skin, then filled with a special berry juice to make it permanent.

I could hardly believe my eyes, how could this girl still be sane? well Nym had her ways to deal with not only the constant shift of owners, but also the guilt that would not leave her be.Sadly most of her owners were evil, and her latest one was no different, and Nym's kind, elementals, are suppose to be males only. So Nym shouldn't even have these powers, but she does. What's worse is elementals are suppose to be killed at birth, but Nym has managed to avoid that.

When under pressure we all do things we shouldn't have. Nym couldn't control what happened with her powers, and it ended in a lot of deaths.How can anyone stand that much guilt? Well Mary Weber brought some salutations many modern girls use today. What I found interesting about the book is how Mary infused parts of the Bible into Storm Siren. I won't tell you what parts in hopes you will see them for yourselves. Maybe you will see them right away, or after reading the book like I did!

Another reason why I loved this book so much is Mary Weber that when in war the line between right and wrong blur so heavily that they are nearly impossible to see, and most times people will be hurt, but you can choose not to kill, you can make the right choices even in a war. Nym thought of the foot soldiers who, like her, were just following orders and fighting for their kingdom. It was heart warming at times, heart wrenching other times.

I guess I will leave you with thoughts of this book as a storm pelts my roof with raindrops. May we meet again soon for another review

I received this book free for an honest review which I have given