Friday, May 12, 2017

The Noble servent

Melanie Dickerson has provided many readers, myself included, with Christian fairytale retellings. With the main fairytales, like Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, along with most of well known fairy tales I wondered what Melanie would pull out of her hat next. 

"The Noble Servant" is a retelling of the Grimm Brothers fairytale "The goose girl" and the beginning you meet Magdalen of Mallin, a poor barons daughter. She has to find a way to care for her people, for her family, and so when a letter arrives saying the Duke of Wolfburg has asked for her hand in marriage Magdalen believes this is the answer to her prayers. 
Sadly, on the journey to Wolfburg, Magdalin's handmaiden forces her to switch places. But Magdalin isn't the only one having to keep secrets; a young shepherd at Wolfburg also has something to hide. Can Magdalen trust this boy, or is he yet another person out to deceive her?

All of Melanie Dickerson's books have been wonderful, but something about "The Noble Servant" has really touched my heart. Many of girls are like Magdalen; We're nobility, yet seem unwanted and the world unfair to us. Still, amid all the struggles we are refined into our better selves. 

I cannot honestly give enough praise to this book, it is the best one I have yet to read. Many reviewers probably say this, but I mean it! Even the writing, which in previous reviews I have mentioned it being a bit slow paced, was perfectly executed in this one. The ending did feel a little rushed, but it's a small blip in this fantastic continuation to the series.

If you are new to the series I suggest at least reading "The Beautiful Pretender" before picking up this one, as it is referenced quiet a bit, but you can get through and enjoy the book without it.

That's all for today folks. Until next time, I hope you have a blessed week!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.