Saturday, April 23, 2016


I became a fan of Steven Furtick when I read his book “Crash the Chatterbox” but with this small book he has blown his other three books out of the water!

I never expected Steven to write anything better then Crash the Chatterbox, it was so good and at the time nothing else compared to it in my mind. Now we have (Un)Qualified. A book that gets you to look not at how the world sees you, not how the person in the mirror sees you, but on who God says you are.

Being overweight makes it hard to feel pretty or loved, I should know, but Steven Furtick’s book makes you look at scripture and truly ask yourself the hard questions we all need to face. Steven opens up on his own trials with self image and self doubt as a pastor and book writer in the same way we have come to expect of him. Steven Furtick bring humor (and a few tears) into his book, but more than anything he brought a new sense of purpose to his book.

It’s hard to explain, but in the past years authors are putting more into their books. If you look at books done by Colleen Coble, Denise Hunter, and a few others out there you will notice a change. You have to read their previous works to understand, but this change has seemed to come about Steven as well. His words are more...confident and powerful. I had a hard time putting this book down after chapter 1.

I am sure there are plenty of reviews out there that rave on about (Un)Qualified, and I guess it is now time to add mine to the pile. I hope all who are reading this review right now will take a moment to pick up this book. It will change and challenge you.

Until next time folks I hope you have a blessed day!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.