Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A girl with a Golden Braid

Melanie Dickerson once again brings us a novel that will bring you back to a time knights, dukes, and the true love God has for all His children.

The story of Repunzel has grown in popularity in the last few years (Such as Disney's retelling Tangled, and Alex Flinn's retelling Towering) I think this is because in some way everyone feels trapped in their lives, weather is is emotionally or physically. 
In this story though Repunzel is the outcast due to the efforts of her mother, Gothel. She has tried to instill into Repunzel that all men are cruel and only interested her beauty, then they would leave her as used goods. It was saddening in a way to see Gothel in this light, with a pain so obvious it was in almost her every move. I wonder where Melanie gets these ideas for her characters, and how she is able to give her latest villain a depth of pain that can be felt across the pages.

Another thing I loved was how each character was relatable in some way. Sir Gerek's plans were to marry into wealth, finding a girl with land and a suitable dowery. Repunzel did not fit his criteria. How often do God's plans do not aline with our own? We like to think we know what is best, but every time God has something even better planned. It makes me think of this verse.

"There are many plans in a man’s heart,

Nevertheless the Lord’s counsel—that will stand." Proverbs 19:21 NKJV

Having Repunzel be an outsider among the places she lived gave me a bond to her, and I think to many others. I always felt like I was on the outside looking in, and to remove the ache from my heart I wanted to learn all that I could. And this is what Repunzel did. At the time her greatest wish was to learn to read. Back in this day and age the only women to really learn to read were the children of the wealthy, so finding a teacher that is not a man would not be easy. Aaahh the humorous turns these story takes, for none other then the grumpy Sir Gerek (who saved Repunzel, who then later down the road saved him) would be her reluctant teacher.

This book also coincides with the events of The Princess Spy, and continues onward after those events. So if you want to read this one I suggest reading the previous one, though you don't have to. Also an interesting note is that it seems Melanie Dickerson has moved over to Tomas Nelson publishings instead of Zondervan, anyone have any thoughts on this?

Anyways, back to the book review. Secrets and wicked plots abound in this book, finding ways to make a more interesting plot and helping our beloved characters to trust in God's sovereign hand. There was a time in the book I feared the worst, but I won't tell you what happened, good or bad. This is too good of a book to spoil. If you haven't picked up any of Melanie Dickerson's books I suggest doing so now! If you want to know where to start in this book series you can check out my review for The Princess Spy on my blog.

Well folks that is all I have for today, I hope you have a blessed day and tune in for my next review.

I received this book from the publishers for free in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.